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Transformational coaching for soulful people

Transformational coaching for soulful people

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Allison Evans is a healer. As a personal coach, she offers up the most present, rich cornucopia of wisdom to guide, challenge and accompany you in becoming. She takes the tired and worn-out stories and allows you, without resistance, a gentle and necessary journey to finding your truth - setting you free - and walking into your own life you have so richly earned. You will laugh, cry, and most importantly, change.

TracyMental Health Therapist and mother of three in Illinois

I feel transformed to a better version of myself, confident and empowered to embrace and enjoy who I am as a mother. Allison’s unique way of empathizing and challenging, and her ability to effortlessly weave her experiences and expertise into conversations, offered me new perspectives and emboldened me to challenge myself and take a new level of personal responsibility in my approach to motherhood. Her completely non-judgmental approach and skill at addressing both the minutiae and macro level with equal importance and interest created a positive, uplifting collaboration. Her constructive, pragmatic suggestions and effective tools and techniques will continue to be invaluable across all dimensions of my life.

LouiseEntrepreneur and mother of two

Anything I could say about Allison would be an understatement. Her coaching has supported me through the loss of one child and the birth of another. She's grieved with me, helped prepare me for birth and motherhood, and guided me through the postpartum period. Her empathy, precision of thought, and clarity of language make her one of the most gifted and impactful teachers I've ever met. Our conversations resonate long after our sessions. I'll remember something Allison said to me days or even months prior, but only in the moment where I must finally apply her advice do I fully understand what she was trying to communicate to me all along. I trust Allison implicitly.

BrandiAttorney and mother of one in Los Angeles

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