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Genny and her daughters

I was Genny’s doula for the birth of her second child, Sophie.  During the birth I was struck by the difference between whatI saw and what the hospital staff seemed to see.  What I saw was a powerful mother; the staff seemed to see a patient.  I wrote up my vision of this birth for Genny and this was her response:

“When I initially began reading it, I easily recognized myself and the sensations of my early labor. As I continued to read, I was taken back by this woman who was enduring a powerful, intense event!  That woman was me. I AM that woman!! Through my birth experience, I found a new strength with in myself. I did feel as though I wasn’t strong enough to endure the intense surges.  Thankfully, your guidance and support helped me persevere!  I somehow mustered the strength and confidence to trust my body and get onto my knees and began to deliver my sweet Sophie’s head. That moment is one that encourages me daily. The strength I had at that moment reminds me of how powerful my mind and body can be! I continue to trust my body, as it has proved its capable strength with out a doubt.

“Thank you Allison for everything!!”
Genny, RN, educator, and mom of two
Iwakuni Naval Air Station, Japan