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Move from Supporting Character to the Leading Lady of Your Life

Move from Supporting Character to the Leading Lady of Your Life

“We’ve learned how to manifest our dream lives!”

– McKenzie Sutton, entrepreneur and mom of one in Los Angeles, California

Care and service are important to you.

At home, you make sure everyone has what they need to thrive. At work, people turn to you for support and to get things done. It feels good to be needed, and you love being an integral part of your communities.

Caretaking is deeply satisfying, and it’s begun to feel too small for you.

Putting others first and allowing them to determine the agenda at home and work made perfect sense – as long as it did. It just doesn’t anymore. It is time to prioritize your own deep needs and desires to live in a bigger way.

You want to make a greater impact.

You’re restless, no longer content just to play the supporting role so that others can shine – especially when that support only goes one way. You know you have more to give, a mission that goes beyond happy kids, a humming household, or a well-running office. You want more.

If this is you, please join me for Be the Heroine, a year-long, small-group coaching program designed to change your MO and get you in alignment with the person you want to be: a heroine.

The 2023 group is full! Click here to stay in the loop for 2024!

A heroine is –

Say yes to the calling that won’t let you go –

  • For the business or career you dream of
  • For the relationship of mutual love and support you long for
  • For a life that engages and energizes you

What you want wants you. Your calling needs you –

  • Your unique combination of gifts and grit
  • Your desire to contribute to your community and the world in a meaningful, significant way
  • Your eagerness for learning and growth

This is too big to do alone. You need a team –

  • Other heroines to encourage, uplift, and inspire you
  • A coach to help you get out of your own way
  • Loved ones at home and coworkers to care for you (not just the other way around).

“I was looking for my purpose and thought maybe this group could help some. ‘Help some?’ What an understatement! This group has been the greatest thing I could ever have done.”

– Lori Kanne, RN, Nurse Coach-in-Training, and mom of four in Omaha, Nebraska

What is Be the Heroine exactly?

It’s a year-long, group coaching course that meets weekly online and for one in-person retreat.

Why a year?

Because it takes consistent action over time to create change.

How big is the group?

Your cohort will be intimate, 8-10 women. You will also have opportunities to meet with veteran Heroines at in-person on online retreats.

What makes it a course?

A curriculum that supports your goals – Heroine Lessons! There’ll be assigned reading and listening. I’ll teach on topics like clarity, integrity, desire, visibility, influence, boundaries, and communication. You’ll do field work on your own and collaboratively to build mastery.

What does coaching do?

Coaching helps you close the gap between where you are and where you want to be by dissolving sneaky, often subconscious resistance to your goals and replacing it with support, so you can make your dream a reality.

What kind of coaching is included?

The best of both worlds! You’ll get group coaching – where individuals are coached during group meetings on challenges of general interest – and one-on-one, private coaching with me – where we can go deep on your specific challenges.

“If you’ve done coaching with Allison before, you know that every minute with her is magical. Having that happen in the context of the work you’re doing in the group adds a dimension that’s really special.”

– Capt Jenn Shoemake, NP, USAF, and mother of two in Washington, D.C.

What sets Be the Heroine apart?

This program focuses on exactly where and how change happens:

In Mind

– with clarity, intention, and attention

In Heart

– with desire, courage, and commitment

In Hand

– with consistent, aligned turtle steps

In Community

– with peer mentoring, love, and camaraderie

Be the Heroine is designed to be transformational. You’re too precious to play around at the edges of change anymore. Your time and contribution are too valuable.

  • The lessons will get you thinking like a heroine
  • The combination of private and group coaching will make your action clearer and more impactful
  • The group will catalyze your growth and create better results than working alone.

“It took me about four seconds to say yes to this program, not just because I trusted Allison and wanted to be part of a group she was running. I really wanted my year to have growth. The Heroines have been supportive, non-judgmental, funny, and shown me new perspectives. If you have the chance, join!”

– Amy Hensley, RN, co-founder of Sips & Wishes, and mom of two in Lincoln, Nebraska

How does it work?

Our year together will be divided into three phases, with about a month off between phases for rest and integration.

Phase One, Clarity

January 6 – April 8 (no class March 10-19)

Rest & Integration

April 8 – 30

Phase Two, Integrity

May 1 – July 28

Rest & Integration


Phase Three, Impact

September 4 – December 2 (no class on Thanksgiving)

Rest & Integration


During each phase, we’ll meet weekly for one hour on Tuesdays, 10-11am Central Time, on Zoom. Each month will follow the same rhythm.

Week One: Group teaching | Week Two: Group coaching | Week Three: Private coaching (no group) | Week Four: Group celebration

And did I mention the retreats?!


Opening retreat online, Friday, January 6-Saturday, January 7, 2023 – Meet the heroines, create a vision for your year


In-person retreat in Ojai, California, Friday, March 24 – Sunday, March 26, 2023 – Hug each other, connect deeply with your calling, rest your soul


Closing retreat online, Friday, December 1 – Saturday, December 2, 2023 – Tally up your extraordinary year, celebrate!

“I was a member of Allison first mastermind group in 2016, and it changed my life. I’ve participated in many other coaching programs since then, but nothing has moved me toward my personal and professional goals as effectively or as pleasantly as her coaching program. Allison is a skilled coach and a deeply compassionate human being. Using those gifts, she creates a welcoming, loving space where her clients can achieve clarity and take purposeful action.”

– Sarah Craighead Dedmon, Editor, Machias Valley News Observer, and mom of two in Machiasport, Maine

Why I Created It

I noticed that many of my one-on-one private coaching clients had similar challenges and goals: they wanted to “level up” but were struggling to make the changes because they were so used to doing it all themselves. And they were feeling ashamed because they thought they were the only one to struggle in this way. These are all loving, smart, big-hearted, and hard-working women who have so much to give.

“How can I help them get better results?” I asked myself. Then I realized: these brilliant women are geniuses at support and collaboration. “Wouldn’t they be amazing together? They would see how not alone they are, and they would lift one another up!” With that, Be the Heroine was born.

It was so successful that the first class of heroines asked to continue into a second year with new curriculum! I loved leading the group so much that running the program again with a new cohort was a no-brainer.

Why Me?

I am a Certified Wayfinder Master Coach and Wayfinder Life Coach training instructor with twelve years’ experience helping clients create and navigate change.

I’m high-touch, tireless, creative, and wildly supportive of my clients, and they get results.

“I’ve grown both personally and professionally in ways I never thought possible. Be the Heroine has helped me to be truly aligned with myself and the person I want to be.”

– Stacy Moore, President, Urology Cancer Center, and mom of two in Omaha, Nebraska

Investment: $550/month ($6600)

I'm Interested!

Let’s talk! Click the button above to schedule a call with me. We’ll talk about your desires and the program and make sure it’s a perfect fit. Not quite ready to talk? Here’s my email

Nine months of curriculum and coaching

Nine Heroine Lessons
Nine group coaching calls
Nine private, one-on-one calls with me
Nine group reflection and celebration calls

A whole year of connection and exponential growth

Online retreats to launch and conclude our year together
An in-person retreat in magical Ojai, CA
A private online learning and moderated communication space
A cohort of brilliant women to learn and grow with
A high-touch coach who sees the heroine in you and knows how to coax her out!

You’ll have created a life that includes but is no longer limited by caretaking. You’ll have created a bigger container for yourself, one that allows you to move more freely and purposefully, with greater support than you imagined possible, so that you can make the impact you desire.