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Love & Relationships

Love & Relationships

Marriage as Serious Play

Everybody knows that marriage is “hard work.” But is it? I mean, is that the best way to think of it? Maybe not. “Marriage is hard work” is not an immutable law of nature. It’s a manmade concept. A concept is a shortcut for the brain, a tool to help…
February 16, 2024
Love & Relationships

A Valentine From Your Future Self

As I write, it’s early February – deep winter for those of us in Northern Hemisphere four-season climates – and we’re feeling it. The post-holiday glow has faded, and the excitement of New Year’s resolutions may be wearing thin. You may even be feeling nostalgic for the old (comfortable, easy)…
February 2, 2024
Love & RelationshipsPotpourri

The Heroines Retreat

My coaching group, Be the Heroine, just had its first in-person retreat. We met for a long weekend in beautiful Ojai, California. It had been a cold, wet winter there, but spring sprang on the day of our arrival. The rain stopped, the sun warmed, and the hillsides from Los Angeles…
April 11, 2023
Love & RelationshipsStop Suffering, Start Living

Finally Free

What you judge, you’re attached to. What you’re attached to, limits you. To release yourself from the limitations of attachments, release judgments. In other words: forgive.Forgiveness is close to my heart because last March I forgave something very big, and the results have astonished me: I feel freer than I ever have in…
September 23, 2022