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I have never been one to seek out help to work through the challenges that I face with work and family, but the opportunity to work with Allison came at a time when I felt that I could benefit from an outside point of view —  I was ready to take a chance to make some changes.  I find working with Allison refreshing…she is bright and insightful and is able to make observations about aspects of my life that I had never considered.  She puts me to work each time we meet, assigning me a manageable, but meaningful task designed to help me to get “unstuck” with a problem.   The thing that amazes me the most with our time together is that Allison asks a question or make a comment that sticks in my mind with me until the next time we meet. She has the ability to ask essential questions that have enabled me to overcome some difficult hurdles.  I look forward to our every meeting and can’t imagine why I waited so long to find a life coach.

Michelle, University professor and mother of two, NH