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Day One: new baby, new mum

Allison’s HypnoBirthing training allowed me to feel confident and sure of myself about the birth of my child. I’m not sure if I could have done anything to prepare myself better for the rollerĀ coaster ride of the first few months of motherhood, but the New Mums coaching sessions I receive from Allison are a vital part of surviving and thriving through them!

First, it is very comforting to know that every week, you are able to pour your heart out to someone who isn’t going to judge you about your worries, your frustrations, your middle-of-the-night inspired “I’m a bad mother” moments.

After Allison listens to your outpouring, you both question some of the thoughts you’ve expressed, imagining how you’d feel without them and analyzing if the opposite of the thoughts could also be true. I find this work challenging actually, but I love it, and the process always leaves me feeling physically and mentally lighter.

I love practical solutions, and I’ve been able to go away after each session equipped with another tool to help me at first cope, then grow and thrive as a new mum.

Chrissy, teacher and mum to Ella