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Renee Elliott

I’ve completed ten coaching sessions with Allison and I am thrilled with the work we did together.  In every situation, Allison was able to guide and support me through my difficulty.  Each time, I had a breakthrough, was able to look at the situation differently and move beyond the upset.  This, for a life coach, is not unusual, but there are two things that put Allison in a crowd of her own.  Firstly, she is a lovely mix of compassion and wholesome American with a bit of funny thrown in.  Secondly, she has an absolutely incredible ability to remember things, so much so that it almost seems like she remembered everything I said from the first to last session, down to teeny weeny details.  We would be talking about something on session 6, for example, and she would refer to some comment I had made months earlier at the beginning of our coaching and then something related from a few weeks after that – and then pull everything together to make a brilliant point.  I was floored because most people’s memories are not that good.

I have thought a lot about this and, knowing her as I do, can draw only one conclusion.  I believe it is because Allison completely LOVES what she does and really, truly cares about the people she coaches.  That is why she is such a brilliant coach.  I have recommened her to about ten of my friends, most of whom have coached with her and have been totally delighted with the results.  One girlfriend who has done more than ten sessions said, ‘Allison surprised me with things she said and really made me think.  I can’t say that about many people.’

Renée Elliott
I am the Founder of Planet Organic, UK, and author of family cookbooks and food/recipe blogs.