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Stacie and her boys

I cannot thank Allison enough for leading me through a life transition and getting me back on the right track.  It is amazing how much our weekly sessions make a difference and bring a clear focus to my life.

During my transition, Allison very carefully led me through my thoughts, examined them, and helped to renew a sense of confidence in myself that was needed to move forward and trust myself.    I can honestly say that what I imagined a perfect day to look like is happening.  I have a better sense of balance and peace in my life, a fantastic new job and more time with my family.    I have a great amount of gratitude for where I am.  I recall during a recent meeting noticing how grateful I was for where I was, the quality of the people I was with, the diversity and the opportunity for learning and new experiences.

Thank you again for being a fantastic coach to help guide me on my journey.

Much gratitude,

Stacie, Phoenix, AZ