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Dear Allison,

I’m considering Be the Heroine, but I have a few concerns. What if I can’t make all the meetings? My schedule is already full, and I’m not sure I can add another thing to it. Also, I’ve invested in other programs before and didn’t get the results I wanted. How do I know this will be worth it?

Dear Worth It,

I’m so glad you asked! I want this to be a hell yes for you, so I love the opportunity to resolve concerns.

I’ll start with the practical: all the meetings will be recorded and posted to our online learning space along with class notes, assignments, calendar, and conversation threads. Everything in one place. (So convenient).

The real question, though, is do you want this? Do you want this year to be different, to be the year you take consistent action to create the changes you dream of? 

You say you’ve invested in other programs, and if you’re still looking, that tells me you’re still desiring! 

One thing I know is that, if you’ve desired something for a long time, the thing you want wants you, too. Has your desire turned up the volume lately? Will it not leave you alone anymore? 

You don’t say what you want. Maybe it’s to achieve something in the world, such as to start a business, be promoted at work to the level you deserve, or complete a creative project. Maybe it’s to achieve something internal, such as to be proud of yourself, feel more joy and peace, and improve your relationships.

These are worthy goals! You had good reasons for pushing them aside for a while – perhaps the desire wasn’t very clear, but other people’s needs were very clear, and you wanted to help. (It feels good to help).

But things evolved. Your desire became clearer and more insistent. Now you want to be a heroine – the one with the vision and the agenda who receives support! But you’ve practiced giving the support for so long that you don’t know how to start being the heroine, which makes you feel bad about yourself and skeptical that any attempt to try would be “worth it” – worth getting your hopes up, worth trying for, and worth the investment.

How do I know this terrain so well? Oh, sister. I have traveled it myself and with coaching clients so often I’ve made the map out!

Be the Heroine is the map. I’m your guide.
And we – you, the other heroines, and I – are in it together.

It takes a year to travel because, although you can get results fast, lasting results require sustained attention. 

In the first three months of our journey, January – March, we focus on clarity: What does it feel like in the body? What sustains it? How do you find it again when things get cloudy?

Then it’s April, and we take a month off for rest and integration… well, actually, we’ll end the first phase with an in-person retreat, which will kick off our rest and integration.

In the next phase of our journey, May – July, we focus on integrity: Who are we and what are we here to do? We tell the truth about ourselves and practice saying yes to what lights us up and no to what drains us.

Then it’s August, and we rest and integrate.

September – November/December is the last leg of the journey, in which we focus on influence: we tap the power of our authentic desires, learn to ask for what we want and how to navigate resistance.

Then we celebrate!

And I do mean we. One of the things I know about you is that you long for community. You do better when you can give and receive support from women like you: growth-oriented, generous, smart, committed. Be the Heroine is not just a course. It’s an intentional community. 

So, I’m not really worried about you missing meetings, because the current heroines – the Class of 2022, most of whom are continuing for a second year – hate to miss them! They have grown to adore one another, and our meetings are a cherished opportunity to be in one another’s presence.

Which brings me to how I know it will be worth it: because the Class of 2022 has said it is. It’s so worth it that they wanted to keep going. In terms of results, it has exceeded everyone’s expectations.

If reading this feels good in your body – makes you feel both calm and energized – take that as a hell yes! You are ready to be a heroine. This is your year!


P.S. Enrollment for Be the Heroine closes December 16, or when all places are filled, so email me today to claim your spot!

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