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You are not simply having a baby. You are becoming a mother.

You are not simply having a baby. You are becoming a mother.

It’s one of the biggest transitions of your life. With the right mindset and support, it can also be one of the sweetest.

That’s what “Nest” is all about. With five themes to support the whole woman – body, mind, soul, and spirit – this guide will help you create a gentler, more joyful postpartum. You’ll gather the support, not just the stuff, that enable you and baby to thrive.


Centering Mother-Baby

The Babymoon & Continual Contact

Support the Body

Functional Assistance for the Activities of Daily Living

Support the Soul

Limit Stuff & Lavish Sisterhood

Support the Mind

Learn about Breastfeeding & Infant Sleep

Support the Spirit

Self-Care Practices & Grounding Yourself in Nature

Allison has a gift for supporting mothers and a rare ability to bring an immediate sense of calm, relaxation, and renewed confidence simply through her presence. She has combined this gift with her years of experience as a birth educator and life coach to develop a revolutionary approach for promoting ease, happiness, and wellbeing in the early months of parenthood.

Renée ElliottFounder, Planet Organic & Co-Founder, Beluga Bean, and mother of three, in the UK

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