The Relaxation Masterclass

The Relaxation Masterclass

Take your self-care skills to the next level

Thursday, June 27 &

Thursday, July 11

11:30am – 12:30pm Central Time

On Zoom

Are you...

Chronically tense?

Irritable towards your spouse and children?

Do you catch yourself forgetting to breathe, moving from task to task all day and only pausing to vent at the end of the day about how stressful it all is?

Are you exhausted but at a loss for how to actually fit more rest into your day?

Maybe you know you’re not showing up as your best self. Maybe you once saw clearly how your actions aligned with the life you were creating, but now it feels like you’re at life’s mercy rather than the other way around; blowing where the wind takes you and catching yourself turning down the things that used to bring you joy…

Oh, I can’t. I have to do _____.”

If this is you, it’s time to learn to relax.

Join me on Thursday, June 27 & Thursday, July 11, 11:30am – 12:30pm Central Time, on Zoom, for a masterclass in relaxation.

Relaxation is a Double-play

Relaxation is both an easy-access form of meditation and an invaluable skill for regulating your nervous system. It’s quick to learn, delicious to practice, and highly effective for soothing the body and quieting the mind.

How Relaxation Helped Me

I learned relaxation to prepare for unmedicated childbirth. Those skills served me so beautifully for birth that I never stopped practicing them. They also helped me to:

  • End chronic back pain and relieve minor aches and pains.
  • Reverse symptoms of depression and feel joy again.
  • Alleviate nighttime anxiety so I can sleep.
  • Be generally optimistic and cheerful.

I remember so clearly the moment I realized the relaxation and breathing I used for birthing could help me in the rest of my life. I was driving in my car with my two kids in their car seats behind me, late as usual for an appointment, stressed about all the other things I was “behind” on, and feeling my back start to cramp up – from driving, I thought. But then the kids started to cry: first one, then the other. I felt helpless and trapped, which made my stress spike…and the pain in my back go from 2 to 10!

For the first time, I connected my back pain to stress. I remembered how relaxation and breathing took away the pain of childbirth and wondered, “Could they work now?” I decided to try them then and there. It couldn’t hurt, right?

To my amazement, I felt my back loosen, vertebra-by-vertebra, until the pain was completely gone. Not only that, I knew I had stumbled upon gold: something that could help me live not only pain-free but better, happier, and with more joy.

If it worked for me, it can work for you, too.

Oh, it also worked for other students before you. Yes, I was so thrilled with these methods that I taught them to pregnant couples, with excellent results, for eight years!

A breathing technique that will relax you and elevate your mood for the entire day.

The secret to instant relaxation and one sure-fire instant relaxation tool to use anytime.

A progressive relaxation that shuts off thinking so you can sleep.

How to take a 20-min powernap that actually refreshes you – even when you’re exhausted.

Learn these Life-changing Methods

In two expertly curated sessions, I will teach, and you will practice these life-changing methods – you’ll get to experience them in class and get on-the-spot coaching on how to improve your technique. Then you get to apply them and enjoy the changes they create!

I also have a bonus gift for you: a 20-minute guided relaxation recording in my voice. By the time you finish this masterclass, you’ll have learned to associate the sound of my voice with relaxation, so this is a gift that will really speed you on your way to deep relaxation.

This two-part masterclass and bonus is yours with a one-time payment of $79.

Yes, please!


What if I can’t make the live class?

Try! It will be worth it. But no worries if you can’t: the calls will be recorded, and recordings emailed to registered participants within 24-hours of class.

What if I've struggled with practicing relaxation in the past? How do I know it will work this time?

So often, mindfulness is taught as a solution to anxiety or overwhelm without mention of the valuable and needed work of the body that is so critical to true relaxation. Conversely, physical relaxation is often taught (in settings like yoga or meditation classes) without mention of the power our minds have over the state of our nervous systems. My signature approach employs the resources of both our minds and bodies, which allows for a more comprehensive relaxation experience.

I'm in!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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