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Parenting & Family Life

When You’re Scared, Trust More

I’ve been worried about my son. It’s the classic parenting dilemma: your child has a problem, and you want to fix it for them, but you can’t – even if it were possible, it’s not your place. So, you smile and casually ask, “How’s it going with x?” and encourage,…
May 27, 2022
Love & Relationships

Our Secret to a Happy Marriage

Guy and I have had 27 Valentine’s Days together, all of them happy. People have asked, “What’s your secret?” Good Luck I first want to acknowledge our privilege. We are lucky to be educated, well-employed, and white. It awards us right out of the gate an ease that not every…
February 14, 2022
Parenting & Family Life

Kids, Parents, and Respect

This week my 18-year-old daughter told a story of how I’d crushed a dream of hers when she was a middle schooler. I could believe that I had an opinion on what she had wanted to do. But the idea that I would have “crushed” “a dream” – such high…
February 23, 2021
Love & Relationships

Bigger on the Inside

My blog post last week was about an argument I had with my husband. I wrote about it to share my process for understanding and reconciliation. I also wanted to share that I’m not perfect – that, in fact, perfection is not what this work is about. This work is…
August 22, 2020
Love & Relationships

Finding My Way After Losing It

I’m pretty good at being married. I wrote a post about it recently, when we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (“Our Secret to a Happy Marriage”). Which is why it was so upsetting that I got into an argument with my husband this week. We don’t argue that much anymore.…
August 14, 2020