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personal growth

Stop Suffering, Start Living

Dear Worth It

Dear Allison,I’m considering Be the Heroine, but I have a few concerns. What if I can’t make all the meetings? My schedule is already full, and I’m not sure I can add another thing to it. Also, I’ve invested in other programs before and didn’t get the results I wanted.…
December 1, 2022
Love & RelationshipsStop Suffering, Start Living

Finally Free

What you judge, you’re attached to. What you’re attached to, limits you. To release yourself from the limitations of attachments, release judgments. In other words: forgive.Forgiveness is close to my heart because last March I forgave something very big, and the results have astonished me: I feel freer than I ever have in…
September 23, 2022
Stop Suffering, Start Living

The Joy Experiment

Above: Look at the joy on those faces! Though not all the Heroines were present, this photo is special because it’s the first snap of the first time we met in person. “What if joy were my only metric for success?” The comedian Sarah Jones said this in conversation with…
September 9, 2022
Getting Things Done

Goal Eluding You? Update Your Programming

I am always putting myself in the way of inspiration. Life is beautiful, but it also pulls us down. Inspiration lifts. Lift is a vital aid for growth at any time, but in our particular moment of pandemic and political instability, it seems essential. When I sit down in the early…
October 19, 2020
Getting Things Done

“It’s Bad to Be Uncomfortable”

Another Concept that Hobbles Good Intentions Do you remember when I stated my intention, right here in this space, to go to a Black Lives Matter demonstration? Well, I put it off so long that I missed them altogether in my town. I was afraid to be in a crowd…
June 26, 2020