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Baby Ivory

Baby Ivory


“She’s here!” Jun said.


It was a week after the birth, and Jun was calling to tell me about the birth.  She was breathless with awe at her accomplishment and at the perfection of her daughter, Ivory.  She gushed that though the labor was longer than she had thought it would be, the HypnoBirthing breathing and relaxation techniques made all the difference.  Her husband – who had been nervous – was strong and present for her.  And giving birth in water had been amazing.


I asked her permission to share a photo of her beautiful girl along with these comments from her course evaluation.  She happily consented.  I hope they give you an idea of what you can gain from working with me prenatally:

– Confidence and trust in yourself, your body and your baby;

– A safe and supportive environment in which to learn;

– Effective support from your husband/birth companion;

– Calmer, gentler, safe birth for you and your baby.


Allison:  What hesitations did you have about doing my course, and how did you overcome them?

Jun:  I had no hesitations.  I knew HypnoBirthing was the way to go after I saw some random YouTube clips of HypnoBirthing videos online.  If you are at all interested which videos got my attention, here they are:

Daisy’s HypnoBirthing Home Birth Water Birth

Gabrielle’s HypnoBirthing Water Birth

Oliver’s Gentle Water Birth / HypnoBirth


Allison:  What changes have you noticed since taking the course and doing the practices?

Jun:  It felt like a confirmation that my feelings about natural birth were right.  It also gave me more confidence that I too can have the experience that the women in the videos (above) had.  Most importantly and a big reason why I took this course was to get my husband to listen and understand what I wanted to get out of my birth experience.  It was important he heard it from someone with the experience and knowledge.  It has really opened his eyes to a new way of viewing birth.


Allison:  What specific aspect(s) of the course did you like best?

Jun:  I liked that all of our questions were taken to heart and explained with patience and love.  I liked how we were not just listening but also engaging and participating in the class.  It was comforting to feel that we were one with [you].  We never felt like we were being told what to do or think.  The atmosphere [you] brought to the room made us comfortable to ask the “stupid” questions.


Allison:  Is there anything you’d add to or subtract from the course?

Jun:  I wouldn’t change a thing.


Allison:  How do you feel about birth and your body’s ability to birth now?

Jun:  Of course there are moments when I get nervous and think “Can I really do this”?  But HypnoBirthing has taught me to have faith in myself and if all those other women can do it, so can I.


Allison:  Any other comments?

Jun:  Allison, meeting you has been a gift from above.  I can’t thank you enough for giving David and I an opportunity to prepare for our or my (LOL) ideal birth!  I look forward to sharing our birth story with you.

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