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Comfort, clarity, momentum for people in the deep churn of change

Comfort, clarity, momentum for people in the deep churn of change

Transformational Coaching

I work with smart, soulful people who are struggling with big change and feel that they are being invited into a bigger life on the other side of that change.

You’ve had a baby that you wanted very much, but being a mother is not what you thought it would be.

You imagined that you’d both be borne on this maternal-infant love cloud that would make everything – breastfeeding, bonding, resting – easy. It’s easy to love your baby. But you didn’t expect all the other emotions: anxiety, exhaustion, guilt. Will she be good on this outing? How often will she wake tonight? What’s wrong with me? You want to feel relaxed and happy. You want your sense of humor back. You want “me time” without feeling guilty.

You’ve had a crisis, and you’re deeply shaken.

A miscarriage, a diagnosis, or an accident came out of nowhere and shattered your feelings of safety and agency. You’ve lost the future you were imagining, along with the person you thought you were. I’ll help you get through this – reign in the anxiety, lift the depression – to the point you feel like you can handle your life, and then you can focus on living.

Your marriage has broken up, and it has turned your world upside down.

The person who was your partner now treats you as an adversary, but you still have to co-parent. You have to figure out how to do things on your own now, while you’re crying all the time. And what about your kids? They’re hurting, too. You want to mend your broken heart and to see a happy future for yourself, but right now you can’t imagine it.

Your life is too much. You are drowning in the demands of work and family.

Your days are full of meetings, the work piles up, and you’re dropping the ball left and right. You long for home, but when you get there you find the homework hasn’t been done, piano hasn’t been practiced. . . . Why is it always up to you? You’d love for others to take some responsibility off your shoulders, to feel supported rather than overwhelmed, and to actually enjoy this life you’ve worked so hard to build.

But I Thought

You Were a Birth Educator?

Yes, that’s how I started. As I have grown, my work has grown.

My work in birth – my comfort with the mess, awesome power, and daunting uncertainty; my capacity to sit unflinchingly with pain and soothe it; my absolute faith in the process and in mothers themselves – has prepared me uniquely to midwife women through all the metaphoric births of their lives.

I’m not afraid of the pain or mess. In fact, to me, the process is sublime: birth, both physical and metaphorical, pushes you deep. In the depths you discover something new – strength and resilience and possibility and life that you didn’t know were there and didn’t even know were missing.

With me you discover the kindness, intelligence, and love underneath the turmoil.

Life coaching, like midwifery, is both a science and an art.

Comfort, Clarity, Momentum

As a coach, I combine a gift for analysis with a well-developed intuition. I can see how the pieces of your story fit together, and I know what’s important and what will move you forward.

My vision is clear and sharp, yet I am exquisitely gentle: an ideal combination for someone in the throes of transition. With me you can set down your burden, collapse, say the unsayable, admit the un-admit-able – all the terrifying/exciting possibilities that you fear/yearn for. Be raw, be vulnerable, feel your feelings, let it all out, and I will breathe with you and you will feel relief.

But, of course, you don’t need only comfort. Your girlfriends can give you that. You also need someone who will help you find clarity.

In our meetings I will listen closely to you. We’ll look at everything. I’ll listen for thinking that holds you back or keeps you stuck – beliefs about yourself, such as, “I can’t handle that,” as well as beliefs about others, like, “He shouldn’t have done that.” New creation requires new thinking. You will be amazed at the freedom, creativity, and wisdom that are revealed.

In this “thinking beyond thinking,” intuitive space, it is easier to see the themes, patterns, and possibilities. Suddenly, you don’t feel so lost or hurt or hopeless. You feel lighter. Smarter. Braver. You know what to do next.

In between meetings, you will do meaningful, manageable homework that directly supports your growth and moves you towards your goals. You’ll also check in with me – for questions, course corrections, celebration, and reassurance. I’ll be there: rooting for you, believing in you, as you do your work and build momentum.

Enjoy, Empower, Enhance

The fog clears as clarity grows. You feel – by degrees and by leaps – stronger, more resilient and agile. You begin to believe in yourself and your ability to handle your life. More than that: you are ready to enjoy your life again.

Life coaching is life changing. The tools, skills, and practices that I will teach you will not only help you through your current heartache. They will enhance your whole life.

Coaching with me you will become:



You’ll know how to process pain and anxiety when they hit and return yourself to center

Less reactive, more curious and open

To disappointing circumstances and people

Authoritative and self-possessed

Stop looking for permission and approval outside of yourself and find it within yourself instead

Clear and confident

About who you are and what your purpose is, even when the outcome is uncertain

Savvy and wise to yourself

Able to notice when you’re working against yourself and how to pivot to support yourself instead


Say no when you mean no and yes when you mean yes


To yourself and others, no matter what


Even when you don’t get your way


Laugh more and be delighted every day

You will – finally! – take care of yourself the way you deserve. You will eat better, exercise more, and sleep better than you ever have.

And it won’t feel like a “have to”; it’ll feel delicious. You’ll even get more done.

That’s what my clients get out of coaching, anyway. Most wonder why they waited so long.

It’s also what I get out of coaching – I am a coaching client as well as a coach.

Ana RosaScientist and mother of two in Rio de Janiero

When I started coaching with Allison, my relationship with my husband was terrible – full of fights, insults, and aggressiveness. It took a serious toll on my self-esteem. I felt worthless. I opened my soul to Allison, and everything started changing. I started looking at myself, my husband, and our relationship from a different perspective. I started to be able to give and receive. It was a-life changing experience. Now I have the tools to face anything in a positive way. Allison is an extraordinary and perceptive coach.

MoriahMother of three in Maryland

Coaching with Allison is one of the best decisions I have made. She helped me to break through mental and emotional barriers so I could see clearly what I wanted and follow my passion. Allison has an amazing intuition during coaching calls, and you feel safe and free to be completely transparent with her. She improved my life immensely with her encouragement, coaching, and insight – so much so that I purchased her coaching services as a birthday present for a friend. My friend came back to me with raving reviews as I knew she would.

AmyPolice officer and mother of one in London, UK

Allison and I have been working together for two years now, and she has helped me immeasurably during this time. When we first met, I was suffering from severe anxiety and felt hopeless. Allison has a very personal and open approach. She listens, without judgement, and helps me do the same for myself and others. She has supported me through the many challenges of my motherhood journey -- from infertility through postpartum -- and has enabled me to approach new challenges with calm. She has introduced me to so many techniques and by taking small steps, has empowered me to be free and able to enjoy life again. It is a real privilege working with her.

McKenzieEntrepreneur and mother of one in Los Angeles

As a first-time mom, I spent so much time preparing for this new chapter and the work I did with Allison was easily the best investment I made. With her years of experience coaching new moms and as a mom herself, Allison has boiled down everything you need for a smooth postpartum transition. Her warm and understanding demeanor feels more like a friend you’ve known for years. I can’t imagine going through this time without her.

Rebecca MullenMaster certified coach and mother of two in Colorado

Allison was put on Planet Earth to heal mothers. This is what I knew from the moment I met her. It was so evident in the way she gushed birth and life and healing and health. This course is a culmination of all that she has learned from her own story, her research, and her work with other mothers.


Here’s How it Works

  • First, we schedule a no-risk, introductory call to see if we’re a good fit. There is absolutely no commitment implied when you schedule this call. It’s free in every sense of the word.
  • If we are a good fit, we’ll talk about a timeline. The minimum commitment is six sessions – we can get a lot done in six sessions. That might be all you need, but most of my clients do continue with me beyond the initial six sessions because they love what we’re doing, love the support, see the results, and want to keep the momentum going.

I will stay with you until you are standing strong, on your feet, and feeling in charge.

Certified Wayfinder Master Coach

The Details

  • Once we’re both “in,” I’ll send you a welcome packet with a questionnaire and contract for you to complete before we start.
  • Our sessions are about 60-min, by phone or Zoom, and spaced however it makes sense for you – weekly, bi-weekly, three weeks on and one week off, etc.
  • After each session I’ll give you clear, do-able homework that directly supports your growth.
  • Before your next session, you’ll send me your homework on my PINS (Practice, Integration, and the Next Step) form.
  • I am a high-touch coach, available for check-ins between sessions.

You Don’t Have to Do This Alone

Comfort, clarity, and freedom really are available to you. You are so much stronger and better than you know. But when you are in the thrash of major change, it can be hard to perceive it.

My clients come to me when they feel in over their heads.

You don’t have to.

In fact, you deserve someone who will walk through this with you – someone who is not afraid, who believes in you, and who can teach you the skills you need to meet your challenges and grow.

Email me at to schedule a session, or get started with a FREE clarity session below.

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