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You really can have
what you want.

You really can have
what you want.

I help people make and manage big change, live more boldly and authentically, and have great relationships.

Better relationships.

All of them! Partner, parents, siblings, ex, boss, co-workers. You want to be yourself and stand up for you – your needs, desires, values, and time. You want to be loved and respected for who you are, not the role you play or how supportive you are to others.

Authentic purpose.

You are no longer satisfied with accepting what others want you to have, be, or do. You want to discover who you are, what you want from your one wild and precious life, the courage to claim it, and to make your mark for the greater good.

To harmonize ambition and home.

You love your home life. Your kids and partner give you so much joy. And you know are here for more than caretaking. You yearn to prioritize yourself, your needs, and your desires. Deep down, you know it’s good for everyone.


You don’t want to feel held in, held back, or stuck anymore. You want to feel free, joyful, unlimited, clear, peaceful, purposeful, confident, self-loving, self-approving, empowered, influential, brave, aligned.

You are more powerful than you realize.

I work with women who don’t quite know it yet, but they suspect it.

They are good. They try. They get things done. They love to be helpful and serve others, whether that’s their family, their community, or their colleagues.

They may run the world, but it’s not their show. They want the world to start ordering itself a little more after what they want and value:

A fuller, more supportive, more exciting relationship with their partner.

A workplace that respects and values them and supports work-life boundaries.

Time and space to create something – a creative project, a business, or non-profit.

The good news is that you don’t have to change the world.

When you change, the world changes with you.

What you can expect working with me.

My basic philosophy of coaching is to help you find the stuck places and unstick them, so you can discover and create what you desire. This happens through –

We will pay close attention to your –

  • Body – It knows what’s good for you.
  • Emotions – They offer helpful information when you allow yourself to feel them.
  • Thinking – Most limitations and suffering are rooted in thinking that you don’t even notice. Once you hear it, though, it can be investigated, and you can be free.

Following the clarity offered by attention, you are ready to take inspired action.

  • The Next Right Step – You don’t need to know the whole path, just the next right (aligned, inspired) step. Every step you take creates new territory.
  • Turtle steps – Small steps, easily taken, more often, can create massive change.
  • Habits – Notice habits that don’t support you and replace them with ones that do.

A good partner in your growth is invaluable.

  • Guide – I’m an expert on how to create desired change. Why did you think you had to do this alone?
  • Coach – I can see from the sidelines how you’re moving and playing and help you do better, so you can get the results you want.
  • Cheerleader – I believe that you can, without a doubt, do and be everything you truly want, and I will celebrate every win with you.

Clarity, Empowerment, Courage


Clarity is alignment of body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit. When you are clear, you are magnetic and irresistible. The world changes around you, and you attract what you desire.


You are your source of permission and authority. You use your power for the good of yourself, others, and the world, and invite others to co-create with you.


You do what you intend to do, in alignment with your values and desires, even when it’s hard.

How It Works

60-minute sessions on phone or Zoom. We’ll dive deeply into your areas of dissatisfaction and suffering so that we can heal them at the source. We’ll meet at a pace that makes sense for you, either two or three times per month.
Leadership and collaboration. I hold the space and your goals for our coaching engagement, but you are the one who has the answers you are looking for. We are in this together.
Homework. Inspired by your session, you’ll be invited to take specific action – a new practice, a series of turtle steps, learning more – to integrate your insights and support your growth.
Ongoing connection between sessions. While I’m your coach, I encourage you to check in by text or email for accountability, support, and celebration. This kind of coaching relationship catalyzes growth.

Every coaching relationship begins with a conversation.

Schedule your 30-minute Discovery call with me to see if we are a good fit. Investment in Transformational Coaching begins at $2,250.